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‏ً @scheherzades 21, Jun - 00:29:44
when will chrissy teigen be gone too @ twitter take her acc down now - link
ria @riawebb 21, Jun - 00:29:44
I love chrissy teigen - link
fuck the police @_gumshudaa 21, Jun - 00:29:44
what is chrissy teigen gonna do now ☹️ - link
@Palm772 21, Jun - 00:29:44
Well I guess Chrissy teigen is back to being the annoying bitch she is - link
Bryony🍀🏈 @BryonySigrun 21, Jun - 00:29:44
@mrmayhem75 @jeffNDfan Where is that same energy for the other public officials who have verbatim called for violence? Or moving away from the political side; Chrissy Teigen who actually tweeted she wanted to “Anthony Wiener” a child on a beauty pageant show? As president he should be held to a higher - link
Cyndy Aleo @fourlittlebees 21, Jun - 00:29:44
This ties with Chrissy Teigen for whom I’d most liked to have had the last slam. - link
[email protected] @blackiebruce 21, Jun - 00:29:44
@chrissyteigen Just when I thought I couldn't love Chrissy Teigen ( and her family) any more...from a fellow a Ohioan.💖💖 - link
conor @notconorice 21, Jun - 00:29:44
i just know Chrissy Teigen is having a big glass of champagne tonight #TrumpBanned - link
Nourr🇱🇧🇸🇾 @nouralali17 21, Jun - 00:29:44
I just know Chrissy Teigen having the best time of her life rn - link
aimar @energypt2 21, Jun - 00:29:44
that yt girl a w gun n chrissy teigen next! - link
SWAGGIE MAGGIE 🦋 @maggiejeanb 21, Jun - 00:29:44
Greg @WickedIrish82 21, Jun - 00:29:44
RT @TheJordanRachel: Can someone quickly remind me if Chrissy Teigen was banned on Twitter for posting a bail out fund for Antifa/BLM while… - link
↳ número tres, Chrissy Teigen (US$ 11,5 mill) https://t.co/rHO52yDl55 - link
Knancy ☃️ @FlippyO 21, Jun - 00:29:44
The one-two punch of Lucy Lawless and Chrissy Teigen knocking out poor "Boy Xena" - it's got to be so difficult having all those big muscles and being such a sensitive flower. - link
Jessica Mitchell-Judd: B.A. Social Science;M.S. Ed @MaddynOwensMom 21, Jun - 00:29:44
@LoriMagori @parlertakes Yes. I defended Chrissy Teigen about something and some person said they would need to "do some checking" on me since I was obviously a pedo too. - link
CLOUD⛅️17 @ShawnTh69249362 21, Jun - 00:29:44
RT @amydemel: @ShawnTh69249362 @NotGah @Soldier3Digital @CaptianAdhd @Rayzor2142 @OneLilDoe Me too, my daughter loves that Chrissy Teigen a… - link
Amy 🇺🇸🙏🐸 @amydemel 21, Jun - 00:29:44
@ShawnTh69249362 @NotGah @Soldier3Digital @CaptianAdhd @Rayzor2142 @OneLilDoe Me too, my daughter loves that Chrissy Teigen and buys all her BS at Target. She had all this compassion for her questionable miscarriage and won’t hear a word I’ve gotta say about it. I hope that couple is in the tribunals! - link
Eric Wyatt @e_dub_fit 21, Jun - 00:29:44
@FBI I heard Chrissy Teigen and Seth Rogan started a fund to bail them out!!! - link
👽 @damondaniel 21, Jun - 00:29:44
when will twitter's algorithm catch on to just how little i care about what chrissy teigen has to say about anything - link
alejandro @Alejandro7Cantu 21, Jun - 00:29:44
RT @jadeasant: broke: twitter suspending trump for inciting political violence and sedition woke: twitter suspending chrissy teigen for bei… - link

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More than 2.83 Thousand data points recorded

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Chrissy Teigen

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Top Data Points
CNN en Español @CNNEE01, Jan - 19:45:13
Parece que Chrissy Teigen disfrutó de su Nochevieja de forma sana. https://t.co/WLDAj1k3IF - link
E! News @enews31, Dec - 18:22:35
After saying she was three weeks sober, Chrissy Teigen opened up about her decision to stop drinking... - link
Perez Hilton @PerezHilton01, Jan - 09:01:21
ICYMI: Chrissy Teigen explains exactly why she's decided to stay sober. https://t.co/VhEcbA9PA8 - link
TMZ @TMZ05, Jan - 13:00:15
See why Kate Beckinsale, Chrissy Teigen are Khloe Kardashian clapback queens! https://t.co/O5pMDYSfy... - link
Los Angeles Times @latimes01, Jan - 00:31:26
Wow! I might have to read this book! Why Chrissy Teigen wanted to get sober: 'I was done with mak... - link
Good Morning America @GMA04, Jan - 19:00:05
Nearly a week after Chrissy Teigen announced that she quit drinking, her sobriety inspired many onli... - link
Rappler @rapplerdotcom31, Dec - 12:22:16
Chrissy Teigen expressed grief over not being able to get pregnant anymore, two months after losing ... - link
20 Minutes @20Minutes31, Dec - 12:01:00
Billie Eilish et Chrissy Teigen sont dans le Fil des Stars https://t.co/XAyNoonITb - link
Complex @Complex31, Dec - 17:55:53
Chrissy Teigen explains why she decided to get sober. https://t.co/hEp2j6fxXH - link
Us Weekly @usweekly06, Jan - 08:05:06
A-listers like Lizzo, Chrissy Teigen and Kate Bosworth love to show off their physiques in super hot... - link
kapanlagicom @KapanLagicom05, Jan - 09:58:07
Weekly Hot IG: Potret Perayaan Tahun Baru Artis Hollywood - Kado Chrissy Teigen untuk Mendiang Bayin... - link
bettemidler @BetteMidler31, Dec - 23:58:38
Wow! I might have to read this book! Why Chrissy Teigen wanted to get sober: 'I was done with mak... - link
The Guardian Nigeria @GuardianNigeria31, Dec - 19:51:33
Chrissy Teigen Shares Inspiration Behind Quitting Intake Of Alcohol | The Guardian Nigeria News - Ni... - link
TEMPO.CO @tempodotco05, Jan - 11:14:08
Trik Chrissy Teigen Pakai Masker Sekaligus Menghilangkan Komedo https://t.co/dk79Cp8uKD #TempoCantik - link
Süddeutsche Zeitung @SZ01, Jan - 19:25:20
Hazel Brugger findet Kölner lustig, Bernhard Prinz von Baden ärgert sich über Jogger mit Stirnlam... - link
Yahoo @Yahoo06, Jan - 02:06:06
Chrissy Teigen explains what inspired her sobriety https://t.co/fHG42ZrIQU https://t.co/YxjRN3U9Wy - link
CNN Philippines @cnnphilippines02, Jan - 05:36:21
It looks like Chrissy Teigen enjoyed her New Year's Eve. https://t.co/8tSSzK6Jcz - link
ABC7 Eyewitness News @ABC701, Jan - 21:32:03
Chrissy Teigen told fans she is "4 weeks sober," after posting in upbeat video on Instagram. http... - link
AJC @ajc01, Jan - 17:22:07
Why Chrissy Teigen says she decided to get sober https://t.co/7e1MRnjZn7 - link
Access @accessonline31, Dec - 15:23:04
#ChrissyTeigen is opening up about her decision to get sober. https://t.co/8koSnybNPJ - link

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