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We collected 12.45 Thousand data points to gather insights on Flipkart

Data Points Collected

twelve thousand four hundred forty-seven Data points collected on Flipkart

The total number of data points represents the social media posts, images, and news items collected over this campaign's lifetime.

Data Points

This chart displays the number of data points collected about a particular subject, topic, or person over this campaign's lifetime. You can hover on the bar to see that exact number. This chart allows you to directly compare the popularity of a particular subject, topic, or person compared to the other. A higher number of data points means more popularity or more mentions in the social and news media.

17th of Dec was the most active day. More than 2.10 Thousand data points were recorded

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This chart displays the total number of data points collected from social & news media over this campaign's lifetime for each day. This chart will provide you an excellent understanding of when a particular subject was of utmost importance and got the most mentions.

Latest Data Points

Sahil priyadarshi @Sahilpriyadars 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Mene realame ka ek mobile liya jisme thodi dikat thi or Flipkart Meri madat nahi kar raha or account bolck kar diya Hain or fake comments or promise bhi kiye jiko Pura nahi Kya https://t.co/KUtx82vfvH - link
Deals And Quizzes @DealsNQuiz 17, Sep - 19:48:15
#Flipkart Video Games Quiz Answers | 22 Dec 2020 1. Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers Play here : https://t.co/DB3x4FbdEI 1. Not Fake 2. Fake 3. Fake 2. Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Answers Play here : https://t.co/t8QxqSJmFr 1. Less Than 1000 2. Rs.9489 3. Bath And Body Works Body - link
Kapil Arora @KapilArora1311 17, Sep - 19:48:15
RT @SBICard_Connect: Big savings are just around the corner. Stay tuned! #SBICard #SBICreditCard #Flipkart https://t.co/ntGj7nsds8 - link
Latesttrendingnews.in @Latesttrending2 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Nokia Air Conditioners With Smart Climate Control, Customised User Profiles Launched by Flipkart in India https://t.co/arfJtpaS28 - link
flipkartsupport @flipkartsupport 17, Sep - 19:48:15
@RAKESHSAMAL88 To make sure that your Flipkart account information is safe, please DM us by clicking the below link. ^MZ (2/2) https://t.co/5DoqNukc8t - link
ZubeerAhmed @zubeer_ahmed17 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Play games and win exciting rewards #flipkart #gamezone https://t.co/yRIIxMlmtW - link
Milap Shah @me_milap 17, Sep - 19:48:15
@b50 Flipkart Axis does.. - link
ABHISHEK TIWARI @abtw20 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Looot 1Ltr Shampoo @360 on Flipkart https://t.co/xtyfWNQQRH - link
Must Buy Offers @OffersMust 17, Sep - 19:48:15
70% Off - Imara Women's Watches Upto 70% off From Rs. 584 @ Flipkart:- https://t.co/LBd36iZlRP #India #flipkart #imara #upto #watches #womens https://t.co/nXal6mywNA - link
@easyjanjansen @easyjanjansen 17, Sep - 19:48:15
RT @Easy_Branches: Flipkart job in Odisha | Flipkart job in Bhubaneswar || Flipkart Job Vacancy: Flipkart job in Odisha || Fipkart job in t… - link
Simnify Official @simnify 17, Sep - 19:48:15
iPhone 12 is the best selling 5G smartphone of 2020 as Nokia and Flipkart launched a range of ACs in India https://t.co/UNu2JBMoG3 - link
Newsdrove @newsdrove 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Nokia Air Conditioners Launched by Flipkart in India https://t.co/K5EuW0ibP8 - link
CybersecInsider @Cybersecinsider 17, Sep - 19:48:15
China hackers target Indian online retail firm #Flipkart and its customers https://t.co/PJZOwXnhX8 #Cybersecurity #Technology - link
Jajati Suna @JajatiSuna1 17, Sep - 19:48:15
@Micromax__India @Flipkart Is this a good experience with Flipkart and In 1b team ? https://t.co/sPKA6Bib5n - link
Bhuvanesh Agrawal @Bhuvanesh_garg 17, Sep - 19:48:15
@Flipkart @FlipkartSellers @flipkartsupport Product doesn't receive in box and Flipkart were rejected my refund request after 3 day in my refund request I want to strict action against this If Flipkart not take action (BY POWER BANK MISSING IN PACKAGE) https://t.co/LHuDpojsBi - link
The Wise Gender @TheWiseGender 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Nokia Air Conditioners With Smart Climate Control, Customised User Profiles Launched by Flipkart in India https://t.co/Li98PisYPM - link
Subhashchandra @Subhash96393413 17, Sep - 19:48:15
RT @Flipkart: Check your Plus membership status on Plus zone in the Flipkart app! - link
Newszada @Newszada1 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Nokia Air Conditioners Launched by Flipkart in Indiahttps://www.newszada.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Nokia-Air-Conditioners-Launched-by-Flipkart-in-India... https://t.co/RGmAaa5gqV - link
Savers Singh @xtra_deals 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Flipkart SmartBuy Vegetable & Fruit Chop 🔹 Offer price-₹179 🔹 MRP-₹1,299 🔹 Saving: 86% off ✨ Reviews-No ratings available ✨ Category- #Kitchen,Cookware&Serveware https://t.co/cGQfwENJvr #deal #loot https://t.co/96lf54vTAi - link
Today India @todayindiain 17, Sep - 19:48:15
Nokia Air Conditioners Launched by Flipkart in India https://t.co/S7yHfSMNRT - link

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More than 12.45 Thousand data points recorded

Data points Hourly Analysis

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More than 518.63 data points per hour


This widget provides a measure of activity by each hour and provides a comparison between the topics, subject, or keywords. You can see what is getting more attention and at what hour.

Overall 51.96% data points were positive, 20.62% were negative and 27.42% were neutral

Sentiment Analysis

  • 51 %
  • 27 %
  • 20 %

TrendPiler's AI engine performs real-time sentiment analysis on a snapshot of the data from the campaign. The sentiment scores continue to aggregate over the campaign's lifetime.

Monday is the most active day of the week having more than 2.87 Thousand

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This widget provides an idea about the popularity of the subject, person, or keyword by weekdays. The popularity of the keyword may spike over certain days of the week, and you can vividly determine that from this chart.

Following are the countries with the highest number of data points

Global Density Map - Flipkart

The global density map widget provides a geographical representation of the origin of the data points. The visualization renders a select number of data points where the TrendPiler platform can determine the geographical location. Not all the social and news media data points may have a geographical area defined. You can hover your mouse on the map to view the density value in percentage, that will give you a clue of the popularity of the keyword in that particular region.

How people are searching for Flipkart
flipkart - 103 K
flipkart india - 5.5 K
flipkart usa - 2.5 K
flipkart grocery - 1.9 K
flipkart stock - 1.1 K
flipkart coupons - 1.1 K
flipkart offer - 600
flipkart shopping - 600
walmart flipkart - 600
flipkart online shopping - 500
flipkart sale - 500
flipkart watches - 450
flipkart sales - 400
flipkart offers - 350
www flipkart - 350
flipkart fashion - 300
flipkart online - 300
flipkart stock price - 250
flipkart shoe - 200
flipkart mobile - 200
flipkart walmart - 200
flipkart affiliate - 200
flipkart online shopping app - 200
sex furniture flipkart - 200
flipkart deal - 200
flipkart deals - 200
moto g4 flipkart - 150
flipkart subsidiaries - 150
seller flipkart - 150
flipkart big billion day - 150
iphone 6 flipkart - 150
flipkart bookstore - 150
flipkart seller - 150
what is flipkart - 150
flipkart reviews - 150
flipkart com india - 150
amazon flipkart - 150
football studs flipkart - 150
flipkart sarees - 150
flipkart online shopping dress - 150
moto e 2nd generation flipkart - 150
lenovo k5 note flipkart - 150
flipkart job - 150
redmi note 3 flipkart - 150
flipkart gift card - 150
flipkart india mobiles - 150
flipkart book - 150
flipkart coupon code - 150
flipkart coupons codes - 100
flipkart saree - 100
flipkart online shopping india - 100
flipkart share price - 100
flipkart customer care - 100
flipkart watch - 100
flipkart revenues - 100
flipkart iphone6 - 100
flipkart valuation - 100
flipkart india login - 100
rotimatic price in flipkart - 100
flipkart today offer - 100
samsung j7 prime flipkart - 100
redmi 3s prime flipkart - 100
flipkart. - 100
flipkart wiki - 100
online shopping flipkart - 100
founder of flipkart - 100
flipkart news - 100
flipkart mobile offers - 100
moto g4 plus flipkart - 100
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flipkart acquisition - 100
flipkart vs amazon - 100
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flipkart gift vouchers - 100
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flipkart customer service number - 100
flipkart gift cards - 100
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flipkart salaries - 100
flipkart big billion day 2016 - 90
flipkart coupons code - 90
flipkart discounts coupons - 90
flipkart laptop - 90
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flipkart careers - 90
does flipkart deliver to usa - 90
flipkart stock symbol - 90
flipkart mobiles phones - 90
flipkart books - 90
monitor to tv converter flipkart - 90
flipkart mobiles offers - 90
moto g5 plus flipkart - 90
rotimatic price in india flipkart - 90
redmi 3s flipkart - 90
flipkart customer care india - 90
flipkart mobiles phone - 90

This widget displays the relevant terms for a particular keyword; it outlines the other related search terms people are using to search on the topic. The search widget also shows the approximate number of times a keyword search takes place on the search engines each month. This widget also helps in determining the curiosity of the people about the topic.

search trend and popularity over time - Flipkart

This widget displays the average number of monthly searches for a particular keyword. TrendPiler platform fetches and stitches this information from proprietary data sources. This graph provides you a clear contract of the popularity of the subject keywords historically over time.

top countries searching for Flipkart
28.5 M
United Arab Emirates
115 K
United States
103 K
Saudi Arabia
98 K
45 K
40 K
38 K
United Kingdom
30 K
27 K
25 K
24 K
21 K
15 K
13 K
12 K
New Zealand
8 K
7.9 K
7.8 K
7.4 K
6.7 K
5.2 K
4.9 K
4.8 K
Russian Federation
4.8 K
4.5 K
Viet Nam
4.5 K
4.2 K
4 K

This widget displays how many times per month, people search for the target keyword, across all countries on average. TrendPiler platform fetches and stitches this information from proprietary data sources. This graph provides you a good idea of the particular subject's popularity in a geographical region, and it's spread globally.

What questions people are asking about Flipkart

The widget outlines the type of questions people are asking on various global platforms, including search engines. This widget will give you an idea about people's curiosity on that particular keyword, topic, person, or subject. TrendPiler platform fetches and stitches this information from proprietary data sources.

Top Data Points
NDTV @ndtv21, Dec - 13:58:35
Flipkart has launched Nokia-branded air conditioners in India, prices start at Rs. 30,999 https://t... - link
Hindustan Times @htTweets18, Dec - 09:12:46
Here are the top offers and deals on Motorola smartphones for Flipkart's latest sale. #Flipkart @mo... - link
IndiaToday @IndiaToday18, Dec - 11:07:23
Flipkart Big Savings Day sale: Offers on Moto G 5G, Moto G9 Power and other Motorola phones https:... - link
sonu sood @SonuSood19, Dec - 09:45:24
Catch the real hero @SonuSood live in this special episode of Flipkart #NowReading as he talks about... - link
State Bank of India @TheOfficialSBI20, Dec - 08:06:35
Shop at Flipkart's Big Saving Days and get 10% Instant discount* on your SBI Credit card and get 5% ... - link
Economic Times @EconomicTimes14, Dec - 20:30:05
Walmart-owned Flipkart has announced the launch of the Nokia PureBook X14 laptop, marking the brand'... - link
The Indian Express @IndianExpress21, Dec - 12:13:51
Flipkart has announced the launch of ‘Made-in-India’ Nokia air conditioners https://t.co/WOLEaa... - link
Rithvik Dhanjani @rithvik_RD15, Dec - 06:05:47
Unfiltered & Fun' - that's me on #LadiesVsGentlemen 😎For more of this madness, catch full epi... - link
Flipkart @Flipkart21, Dec - 13:07:56
Who says a simple grocery run can't be stylish? Get the best brands and the widest selection, only o... - link
DNA @dna18, Dec - 01:19:40
Micromax In Note 1 sale on Flipkart on December 18; know price, specifications #MicromaxInNote1 @Mi... - link
Firstpost @firstpost21, Dec - 08:32:16
From #Pocox3 to #asusphone3 to #iphonexr, here are the best deals on smartphones available during th... - link
Business Standard @bsindia17, Dec - 03:20:05
Only two platforms (#UrbanCompany and #Flipkart) were able to demonstrate that additional measures w... - link
NDTV India @ndtvindia18, Dec - 06:55:20
Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale के दौरान Realme 6 को 3,000 रुपये की ... - link
Amar Ujala @AmarUjalaNews19, Dec - 05:12:28
#Flipkart की सेल में चाइनीज हैकर्स ने खरीदार... - link
IndiaTodayFLASH @IndiaTodayFLASH18, Dec - 11:08:08
Flipkart Big Savings Day sale: Offers on Moto G 5G, Moto G9 Power and other Motorola phones https:... - link
Business Today @BT_India19, Dec - 09:30:42
Chinese scammers targeted Indian shoppers during Flipkart festive sales, says report #ChineseHackers... - link
NBT Hindi News @NavbharatTimes19, Dec - 07:26:50
Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale: लैपटॉप और डेस्कटॉप पर 40 फी... - link
moneycontrol @moneycontrolcom16, Dec - 13:02:38
As @Flipkart's 'Big Saving Days' sale kicks off on December 18, here are the best deals on mobile ph... - link
CNBC-TV18 @CNBCTV18News14, Dec - 11:06:45
#Flipkart plans to cut #Walmart's store size by half to turn the remaining space into warehouses for... - link
Myntra @myntra14, Dec - 07:54:09
@aritra1002 Hey Aritra! Sorry for what has happened. But not to worry, both the return IDs 414183750... - link

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