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I'm getting really sick of these people that swear oaths and turn their backs to it. Seriously some people need to finally be blackballed out of any position of politics.

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McCarthy bends the knee to a seditionist traitor. That act alone eliminates him for being fit to hold any position of power.

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never has anyone fought so hard to keep a job they are incapable of doing.

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely.. especially if you were already corrupt to begin with! 🐻🔥⚡

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Biden needs to listen to this and be more clear and forceful about the danger America is facing.

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Remember when Idiocracy was satire and not a goal to aspire to?

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“It’s easier to fool people than convince them they’ve been fooled.”

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Going full treason.

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All of those who illegally entered are guilty of the Insurrection and subsequent deaths.

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Move this forward.......and hold all guilty accountable!

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given what happened in the recent months, can one even recognise this is the same country that defeated fascist Nazism during WWII

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When will media stop having "the experts" on air. "Life is so easy, it's hard". My book is coming soon.

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I find it odd that all the news channels that go out and verify all their work get called fake, when Tucker Carlson has all of his news reports done primarily by others!

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When the "leader" of the House proves that he is a follower. No leadership in sight.

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