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one hundred seventy-six thousand seventy-seven Data points collected on Top Box Office (US) - Dec 2020

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25th of Dec was the most active day. More than 595 data points were recorded

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sanne 🦋 SYMONE TRAILER DAY @SymoneSeason 30, May - 04:39:39
RT @SymoneSeason: You’ve heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for... @the_symonee https://t.co/IbbtjnhD1h - link
Ava Moss🦢 @AVAcado95 30, May - 04:39:39
@LetBenSoloLive Ben Solo the spy returned from retirement. Rey Johnson the femme fatale assassin Solo needs to capture. Rose Tico the CEO of the world’s most influential non profit who is the target of Johnson’s attempts. Finn the billionaire partner and secret lover of Tico. - link
Kyng Karter @smm_kyng 30, May - 04:39:39
I Used To Say Freaky Shit To Zaria When I Dated Her Back In High School & That’s How She Used To Respond No 🧢 🤣 I’m Like Oh Hell Nah - link
Sadé 🦋 @JoiieSade 30, May - 04:39:39
Yooo that fatale movie was craaaaaaaazyy 🤯🤯 way better than obsessed and all them other joints - link
Ace ♠️ Choco @lyfsyle 30, May - 04:39:39
RT @yardiestyle2: I left him fully loaded 💦💦💦 ,A freaky verbal dude @Brock_Banks_ will get me to to buss a fat nutt @yardiestyle2 now show… - link
💧Simon Taylor @Simo_Taylo 30, May - 04:39:39
@RCampbellmc58 Elf on a shelf goes to prison. - link
fer★ @babyunited_ 30, May - 04:39:39
You don't have to be an ELF from the beginning, you just have to be an ELF until the end. - link
𝓐. @jeanettearianna 30, May - 04:39:39
i’m trying to show you my freaky side - link
Klaudia Amenábar @kaludiasays 30, May - 04:39:39
RT @TreacyWolf: this relationship would never get freaky cos if she pull his hair in bed he just gon make a lasagna on her ass https://t.co… - link
IntelligentCanine @IntelligentCan3 30, May - 04:39:39
RT @MrMrfilthy: Perfect amount of freaky for me! Matter of fact I want more🤤😍 https://t.co/krGClBZaZB - link
Donghae's Bae @DonghaesBae1 30, May - 04:39:39
Eu, elf há 7 anos HAUHAUAHAUA - link
jack irvin @jackirvinwho 30, May - 04:39:39
Till the World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix) [feat. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha] https://t.co/KbT5DFVfrb - link
Brandon Lauderback @Lumber_Gaming 30, May - 04:39:39
@j08_0 I have Mitch Rob and RJ both low owned in my tourneys, if Elf burns me so be it, wasn’t missing out on the two point guards I actually wanted - link
Oddsockzx .Commissions Open. @oddsockzx 30, May - 04:39:39
*over the garden wall soundtrack plays* I love frogs so much so I felt like I had to make this!! #digitalart #neon #trippyart #elf #fantasy #ArtistOnTwitter #overthegardenwall #frogs #goblincore #goblinking #arty #fantasymale #artist #Artof2020 https://t.co/hZjpkT3kfB - link
Mario Romero @MarioRome54 30, May - 04:39:39
RT @kinugitsune: I'll be streaming some Monster Hunter tonight at 8PM Eastern! - link
JonathanMcgee @jeb120889 30, May - 04:39:39
RT @TreacyWolf: this relationship would never get freaky cos if she pull his hair in bed he just gon make a lasagna on her ass https://t.co… - link
sunflowerelephant @sunnyelephant2 30, May - 04:39:39
I did like fuckin him tho lmao causeeee he spit in my mouth and tied me up lol allat... He’s real freaky hoe. I do miss that no cap. - link
nat-holly 🎄❄️🎁 @nathaylee 30, May - 04:39:39
@ToadMcGuff I’m an oily queen, so I’ve only had personal experience for that, but I’ve heard really good things about Cerave moisturizer or Elf hydration cream for dry skin!! - link
♡ linktr.ee/snugglepunk @SnugglePunk 30, May - 04:39:39
RT @Shortcakeplay: An elf goddess wishing you smiles 💕 https://t.co/0QkSZi2J71 - link
JessyKyuhyun @JessyKyuhyun 30, May - 04:39:39
RT @TheFizaHalim: ELF in case you didn't know, the smtown live concert channel is opened on smtown vlive channel. Do join the hearts tappin… - link

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More than 176.08 Thousand data points recorded

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More than 7.34 Thousand data points per hour


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Overall 44.02% data points were positive, 18.06% were negative and 37.92% were neutral

Sentiment Analysis
Monster Hunter

  • 46 %
  • 34 %
  • 18 %

Sentiment Analysis
The Croods: A New Age

  • 94 %
  • 0 %
  • 4 %

Sentiment Analysis

  • 47 %
  • 40 %
  • 11 %

Sentiment Analysis

  • 44 %
  • 38 %
  • 16 %

Sentiment Analysis
Half Brothers

  • 32 %
  • 0 %
  • 66 %

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Sunday is the most active day of the week having more than 33.51 Thousand

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Following are the countries with the highest number of data points

Global Density Map - Monster Hunter

Global Density Map - The Croods: A New Age

Global Density Map - Fatale

Global Density Map - Elf

Global Density Map - Half Brothers

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Top Data Points
Hindustan Times @htTweets27, Dec - 09:08:47
"Our government has enacted new agricultural laws with a lot of thinking and taking all the stakehol... - link
@IGGYAZALEA Elf is top tier Christmas movie 👍🏻 - link
BuzzFeed @BuzzFeed23, Dec - 18:45:09
Buddy the Elf may be onto something... https://t.co/yGdwayitXw - link
LaLiga @LaLiga28, Dec - 18:52:36
🎄 Esta Navidad, además de paz y amor, fútbol en #LaLigaSantander y #LaLigaSmartBank y tu @telep... - link
IndiaToday @IndiaToday25, Dec - 06:11:28
#EricaFernandes dresses as elf as she celebrates #Christmas with Shubhaavi and Sonya https://t.co/G0... - link
Official MMDA @MMDA23, Dec - 11:55:56
UPDATE: Multiple collision at EDSA Magallanes NB involving elf truck, AUV and van cleared as of 3:07... - link
Joey Graceffa @JoeyGraceffa27, Dec - 22:30:22
@ashleyastoria LMAO my little elf 😂 - link
British Vogue @BritishVogue29, Dec - 16:52:54
The Italian real-life femme fatale has long served as inspiration for the pair. https://t.co/qjjvzgx... - link
The Lincoln Project @ProjectLincoln23, Dec - 21:20:58
Watching the Elf Reunion on Christmas Eve while benefiting GA DEMS?!?! Cue the hot cocoa and sign me... - link
Zappos.com @Zappos25, Dec - 17:42:02
hope you’re chillin like this elf on a shelf today 🙃 https://t.co/JY3cQHOiUk - link
Myth @TSM_Myth23, Dec - 23:55:27
Elf Myth is going live right now! Samsung has sent over some awesome products from their Holiday Gif... - link
billy eichner @billyeichner24, Dec - 02:06:59
Nothing sums up my year - or my life - more than this picture of me dressed as an elf in my trailer ... - link
Green Bay Packers @packers24, Dec - 02:02:20
OK, we have one more for ya! You've heard of Elf on the Shelf...but have you heard of... 💤🎄 h... - link
ZEIT ONLINE @zeitonline28, Dec - 10:44:30
Von den mehr als 190 Staaten sind elf ungefähr so groß wie Deutschland. Japan zum Beispiel ist von... - link
THE BEAT 99.9FM @THEBEAT999FM26, Dec - 18:27:53
#LiquidLounge with @ItsBiola NP : 10 Freaky Girls : @MetroBoomin x @21savage https://t.co/HCUUV3n9T... - link
Home Adore @HomeAdore29, Dec - 05:44:28
Longhouses by Format Elf Architekten https://t.co/fzXJxQnwP7 #decoration #architecture #home #inte... - link
New York Post @nypost27, Dec - 04:34:09
Dad dressed as Buddy the Elf surprises mortified daughter at school https://t.co/K18nsdlcol https://... - link
Jimmy Kimmel Live @JimmyKimmelLive23, Dec - 17:31:51
Elf Jimmy & Elf Guillermo give a sweet boy named Lincoln a visit before Christmas! 🎄 https://... - link
The Sun @TheSun26, Dec - 12:01:37
The classic Christmas movie homes that are now worth MILLIONS – including Walter Hobbs’ £19m El... - link
DJ Kam Bennett @KameronBennett26, Dec - 06:55:09
Bitches ain freaky no more - link

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