Top Box Office (US) – March 2021

Top Box Office (US) – March 2021


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8th of Mar was the most active day. More than 4.46 Thousand data points were recorded

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Shamar English @english_shamar 20, Oct - 19:45:57
Nomadland is a really, really great and heartbreaking film. All I’m going to say is that Frances McDormand never disappoints. She’s extraordinary. - link
Marcy Webb @asexualflower 20, Oct - 19:45:57
#Nomadland is yet another film that will be released in the US on Blu-ray before the film comes out on the UK - link
JoaquinLeff @1Perro_Andaluz 20, Oct - 19:45:57
Nomadland creo que da para discutir muucho. Me gustó técnicamente y todo, la dirección de Chloé Zhao es muy buena, pero dentro de eso el embellecimiento de todo me choco bastante. Y como producción cinematográfica/cultural ya me dan paja estos relatos. Creo que va ganar el Oscar - link
daniel dos santos @dsviolonista 20, Oct - 19:45:57
Nomadland (2021) roteiro, direção e edição de Chloé Zhao fala de vida num momento em que somos tão assombrados pela morte. é bonito trailer - link
Debra Markowitz @debramarkowitz 20, Oct - 19:45:57
#nomadland #hulu #francesmcdormand - link
George Roussos @baphometx 20, Oct - 19:45:57
RT @baphometx: Four women up for best director in strikingly diverse Bafta nominations - Rocks and Nomadland top scorecard in first British… - link
Allison Arieff @aarieff 20, Oct - 19:45:57
If you thought the day-to-day existence of the folks in Nomadland was rough, check out this infuriating piece on investment firms taking over trailer parks - link
Ron Alan @cyberneticshark 20, Oct - 19:45:57
RT @cyberneticshark: Hey Twitterville, My Next Few Videos will be! 1. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Review 2. Nomadland (2021) Review 3. Wand… - link
Spring Bright @sprbrighting 20, Oct - 19:45:57
RT @nomadlandfilm: Frances McDormand gives a tour of Vanguard, a 2001 Ford Econoline featured in the film #Nomadland. Now Playing in theate… - link
h @sailorhlo 20, Oct - 19:45:57
RT @prismtruly: os veio de nomadland - link
Daniel Osterman @0xDanielO 20, Oct - 19:45:57
Do you have an old van sitting around you are considering turning into a #campervan ? #vanlife #Nomadland - link
Keith MacDonald @keithcm2002 20, Oct - 19:45:57
@NextBestPicture I think we might be looking at another 2015 where Trial takes PGA, Minari takes SAG, Nomadland takes Globe, BAFTA, and DGA. We go into Oscar night thinking Nomadland has it in the bag but one of the other two wins it all - link
Lincoln Hayes, host of #SessionZero 😷 @lincolnlhayes 20, Oct - 19:45:57
I have two new reviews up on @popculturebeast for #Nomadland and #TheLittleThings. Spoilers: they are both movies I watched. #linkinbio - link
cadelinha da juliette @josuoliv1 20, Oct - 19:45:57
RT @prismtruly: os veio de nomadland - link
Baby Clyde's Oscars @BabyClydeOscars 20, Oct - 19:45:57
@AwardsCircuit When I first saw Nomadland back in October I was certain there would be a big wave of Swankie support and she’d ride the wave to a nom but absolutely nothing 😡 - link
Oscar H @the_film_maniac 20, Oct - 19:45:57
@zachbgilbert @jasonosia @expert_oscar @EzenBaklattan My problem is that in the last two years something that was supposed to be a lock got left out. Mank makes the most sense because no way Chicago 7 or Nomadland misses here. - link
Michael O'Halloran @Mike_OHalloran 20, Oct - 19:45:57
#NowWatching Nomadland - link
Rachael Sizgorich @RSizgorich 20, Oct - 19:45:57
@han__logan Nomadland has stayed with me since I saw it weeks ago due in large part to the coruscating cast. - link
7osam. @o7osm 20, Oct - 19:45:57
طبيعي يعجبني فيلم Sound of Metal و فيلم Another Round لأن كلاهما يحمل رسالة جميلة و واضحة. لكن المُضحك أنك تشوف كمية حفاوة و تكريم لأفلام أخرى أشوفها عادية مثل Nomadland و Minari فيلمين جيده لكنها رتمها بطيء و ممل وغير مفهوم بالمُختصر "اوفر ريتد". 😅 - link
Ezra Cubero @EzraCubero 20, Oct - 19:45:57
@expert_oscar Yeah I'm only confident in Trial, Nomadland and Sound of Metal right now. The last two spots I keep flip flopping between Promising Young Woman, The Father, Mank and Minari. Right now, I'm leaning Promising Young Woman and The Father but I could change my mind tomorrow. - link

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Top Data Points
TIME @TIME07, Mar - 11:31:56
What to know about #Nomadland and the real-life community behind the movie - link
The Guardian @guardian08, Mar - 13:44:31
More wins for Nomadland and The Crown at Critics' Choice awards - link
IGN @IGN08, Mar - 16:01:46
The winners of the 26th annual Critics Choice Awards have been announced, with Nomadland and The Cro... - link
Sky News @SkyNews09, Mar - 17:58:53
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has announced its 2021 Film Awards shortlist, with m... - link
Stephen King @StephenKing11, Mar - 22:24:09
@JanetMaslin Expect a NOMADLAND sweep. tarot deck told me that. - link
elespectador @elespectador08, Mar - 14:25:08
#CriticsChoice Nomadland ganó a mejor película, Chadwick Boseman ganó en mejor Actor y Carey Mull... - link
El Nacional @ElNacionalWeb10, Mar - 09:15:05
#10Mar | Nomadland y Rocks lideran las nominaciones a los BAFTA del cine británico - link
Proceso @proceso09, Mar - 15:44:24
#Nomadland, protagonizada por Frances McDormand, ganó el premio a mejor película, mientras que su ... - link
Guardian news @guardiannews08, Mar - 12:38:21
More wins for Nomadland and The Crown at Critics' Choice awards - link
Le Figaro @Le_Figaro06, Mar - 11:39:13
La réalisatrice de Nomadland au cœur d'une polémique en Chine - link
The Hollywood Reporter @THR09, Mar - 03:30:05
#Nomadland was the big winner at the #CriticsChoiceAwards, taking home best picture and best directo... - link
REFORMA @Reforma09, Mar - 16:55:16
Este martes, los premios #BAFTA revelaron sus nominados para la gala del próximo 11 de abril. Una ... - link
Clarín @clarincom10, Mar - 01:24:43
El drama que enluta a Nomadland - link
Daily Mail Online @MailOnline07, Mar - 16:25:06
Nomadland sound mixer Michael Wolf Snyder dies by suicide aged 35 after suffering from major depress... - link
Variety @Variety08, Mar - 02:59:37
#Nomadland wins best picture at the #CriticsChoiceAwards - link
20 Minutes @20Minutes08, Mar - 11:11:53
« The Crown » et « Nomadland » raflent la mise aux Critics' Choice Awards - link
TNT™ América Latina @TNTLA08, Mar - 02:59:27
Una vez más, sí, Nomadland se lleva el premio más importante de la noche en los #CriticsTNT 🤩 ... - link
Corriere della Sera @Corriere08, Mar - 08:10:21
La regista di Nomadland da orgoglio della Cina a «traditrice» - link
Rotten Tomatoes @RottenTomatoes08, Mar - 21:22:05
#Nomadland cemented its frontrunner status in the lead-up to the Oscar nominations with four #Critic... - link
Elizabeth Banks @ElizabethBanks08, Mar - 18:35:51
Next, the incredibly talented #ChloeZhao who recently became the first Asian woman to win the Golden... - link

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