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11th of Oct was the most active day. More than 257 data points were recorded

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Bijou Theatre LC @Bijoutheatrelc 01, Oct - 08:56:50
Monday 2pm show is "open captioned" @bijoutheatrelc. Perfect for those of us who might miss some dialogue because of accents, sound level etc. If you are like me, Monday 2pm is perfect. Ger your seats for TENET by email [email protected]. Pay at the door! https://t.co/jx8UQRgt2w - link
#protagoneil #TENET 🔥🤡E M P L E H https://t.co/tIIEegQYC4 - link
Eliot @EliotRieur 01, Oct - 08:56:50
@ChilpericL @DeBunKerEtoiles @Odieuxconnard Non c'est un euphémisme. Si il y'a voyage dans le temps, il y'a paradoxe, Tenet l'assume et je trouve ça tout à son honneur. - link
@Bon41524776 01, Oct - 08:56:50
RT @quote_wiwata: "@sugree นี่มันต้องมาจาก TENET แน่ๆ" #มิตรสหายท่านหนึ่ง #กล้ามากเก่งมากขอบใจ https://t.co/eDiRBkU5FY - link
Benny Jay @BottomBoyBenny 01, Oct - 08:56:50
is Hocus Pocus a musical - link
ch(ahhhh)💀 @comefromchar 01, Oct - 08:56:50
Hair mask on, spiced chai tea latte brewed, hocus pocus on the box, coconut macaroon to eat.. 👌🏻 - link
txtdarisinefil @txtdarisinefil 01, Oct - 08:56:50
RT @kenturama: Full synopsis of Tenet (2020) is already available in Wikipedia lol https://t.co/j16Hr6HRfU - link
RT @To_the_future_8: 【🐣 #イチゼロシステム 🐣】 @wolf_dream @M_PRO_DIO 【考察/検証】 #テネット は #SF ではない‼️ 『不確定な過去』 逆行世界の過去は不確定👀‼️ #TENET はありえる世界‼️ #エントロピー… - link
WHISPER @kennyoamusan 01, Oct - 08:56:50
@AishaYesufu Muslims should stop giving impression that their religion is a religion of peace despite the holy quoran saying there is no compulsion of religion but we know that the moment you are not for them , u r an infidel and laying to be killed - link
Quilla Albertines @QuillaAlbertine 01, Oct - 08:56:50
Full Movie Free The New Mutants (2020) -> https://t.co/wobJZAB4Cq - link
シ ン ・ リ ョ ー タ ロ ー 💙 🎩 🔥 @ryotaro59030 01, Oct - 08:56:50
RT @cs_ikebukuro: 10/11に当館にて /  興行収入1億円突破! \ 特大ヒット中の ◤TENET◢ ですが なんと!わが社に! ノーラン監督より 直筆の手紙が届きました!! 感激のあまり 弊社が震えております! #TENETテネット #TENET… - link
Bunkazilla UK - Monsters of Culture @BunkazillaUK 01, Oct - 08:56:50
Hocus Pocus is casting a spell all over media this month. It's back in cinemas, it's on Disney+ and also out on 4K Blu-Ray. Is it a family classic? Film Roar takes a look! https://t.co/19KaimmYUK #disney #hocuspocus #halloween #spooky #familyfilms #movies #cinema #film - link
🎏𝒮𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒾𝒻𝒶𝒽🎐 @violetaurus 01, Oct - 08:56:50
This lagi fucked up dari Tenet movie that i am currently watching 😭😭😭😭 - link
beckii_jx @beckiibloodshed 01, Oct - 08:56:50
BANG BANG YOU SHOT ME DOWN. BANG BANG I HIT THE GROUND 🔫 . #SaturdayMorning #BEAUTYBAYHalloween . @beautybay - book of magic palette @KimChi_Chic - peachy blush 🎁 @mehronmakeup @MehronUK - liquid blood @ColourPopCo - Mary hocus pocus lipstick . Check insta for more details https://t.co/5DnfNIoYmE - link
sugar. @1986_may13 01, Oct - 08:56:50
#elizabethdebicki #TENET #kat #エリザベス・デビッキ #キャット あまりにも似なかったので途中で没。 またリベンジします… https://t.co/1I2kKz0ZPn - link
Thabo @Thabomagwaza 01, Oct - 08:56:50
RT @HonourableHloni: There are toxic career feminists who think basic tenet of feminism is destroying every man they come across. Many off-… - link
Cinefilo81 @Cinefilo81 01, Oct - 08:56:50
@taquilla_espana Hay que destacar el mantenimiento de #Tenet que lleva casi dos meses en cartel... - link
so come on, do your worst @2243394416q 01, Oct - 08:56:50
@jisjnotj 29นี้ 🥺 in the mood for love เข้านะ เดี๋ยวแถม tenet ด้วยอีกรอบ 🥺🥺🥺 - link
ペップ @josep_guardiola 01, Oct - 08:56:50
ツイートありがとうございます!が、皆さんの感想を話して頂くので #TENETテネット を観た方のご参加をお待ちしております! #twcn #cinemactif - link
em 🎃✨ @simp4erwin 01, Oct - 08:56:50
is hocus pocus good? or will i want to stab my eyes?? i live in country that does not religiously worship this season - link

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More than 6.61 Thousand data points recorded

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Overall 41.40% data points were positive, 18.28% were negative and 40.32% were neutral

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Hocus Pocus

  • 40 %
  • 49 %
  • 9 %

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  • 42 %
  • 37 %
  • 20 %

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Monday is the most active day of the week having more than 132.89 Thousand

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How people are searching for Tenet
tenet - 186 K
tenet movie - 37 K
tenet trailer - 27 K
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tenet healthcare - 19 K
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christopher nolan tenet - 6.2 K
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search trend and popularity over time - Hocus Pocus vs Infidel vs Tenet vs The New Mutants

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top countries searching for Tenet
United States
186 K
103 K
United Kingdom
51 K
32 K
31 K
27 K
26 K
21 K
18 K
16 K
15 K
13 K
11 K
9.2 K
8.7 K
8.3 K
7.4 K
7.4 K
7.4 K
5.6 K
5.5 K
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5.1 K
4.7 K
Hong Kong
4.5 K
New Zealand
4.4 K
United Arab Emirates
4.1 K

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Top Data Points
E! News @enews18, Oct - 07:13:38
Oh Look, 25 Glorious Secrets About Hocus Pocus Revealed https://t.co/1yZiqja6zX - link
Marvel Entertainment @Marvel22, Oct - 21:33:28
Krakoa's most dysfunctional team of mutants takes on a new enemy. Meet the Locus Vile November 18 i... - link
People @people20, Oct - 20:52:27
All the Celebs Who Have Dressed as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus for Halloween​ https://t... - link
MTV NEWS @MTVNEWS19, Oct - 15:34:09
The cast of #HocusPocus is reuniting to put a spell on you once more ✨ https://t.co/C6Mz88eMGc - link
Warner Bros. Pictures @wbpictures23, Oct - 18:26:44
See #TENET on the big screen your way. Go to https://t.co/zzWadt5PyT to book your experience. https:... - link
GameSpot @GameSpot23, Oct - 12:05:18
After the Tenet debacle, Warner Bros. is figuring out how to release movies https://t.co/1npwjPH2k9 ... - link
The Independent @Independent19, Oct - 09:37:54
Bette Midler teases first image from Hocus Pocus reunion https://t.co/jkyOK5GcHo - link
The Hollywood Reporter @THR18, Oct - 16:45:11
Liam Neeson's #HonestThief collected a solid $3.7 million in its U.S. box office debut, whereas #Te... - link
Prof Yemi Osinbajo @ProfOsinbajo16, Oct - 22:06:00
Over the past week, we have been following the protests, and I have had a number of discussions with... - link
Daily Mail Online @MailOnline19, Oct - 10:20:15
Bette Midler shares Hocus Pocus reunion photo with Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker https://t.c... - link
Variety @Variety22, Oct - 14:07:29
AT&T CEO John Stankey told investors that #Tenet wasn't a home run: “I can’t tell you walked... - link
ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert23, Oct - 18:54:41
I’m thrilled to join @BetteMidler, @SJP, and @kathynajimy when they reunite as your fav witches on... - link
Rotten Tomatoes @RottenTomatoes22, Oct - 22:38:14
#HocusPocus is #Rotten at 37% - Did the critics get it wrong or are millions bewitched by the Disney... - link
Warner Bros. @warnerbros24, Oct - 02:51:14
See #TENET on the big screen your way. Go to https://t.co/zzWadt5PyT to book your experience. https:... - link
Us Weekly @usweekly17, Oct - 09:35:06
#HocusPocus cast: Where are they now? 🧙‍♀️ https://t.co/GZ9kmyTOjY - link
bettemidler @BetteMidler18, Oct - 23:00:05
Your 3 fav witches - @SJP @KathyNajimy & ME - are reuniting for 1 night only on 10/30 at 8p ET! ... - link
Did You Know? @Know21, Oct - 11:00:31
Did you know there's a #HocusPocus sequel update? https://t.co/o8Y0nbWNQc - link
BollyHungama @Bollyhungama20, Oct - 08:30:05
#TheNewMutants starring @Maisie_Williams, #CharlieHeaton among others to release on October 30 in In... - link
Dinesh D'Souza @DineshDSouza15, Oct - 23:23:50
This is why I make movies like INFIDEL that are critical of the Iranian regime. Iranians are sufferi... - link
WB Pictures México @WBPictures_Mx23, Oct - 21:06:34
#TENET, una película que querrás ver más de una vez. Solo en cines, boletos aquí: https://t.co/... - link

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