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7th of Mar was the most active day. More than 128 data points were recorded

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analu ◟̽◞̽ || 📖 acowar @wallshbwfalls 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@xoxotomlinson91 nossa mas essa foto do klaus https://t.co/AheH91ArkC - link
klaus ⚣ BDAY TOMORROW @kl4usch4mp 17, Sep - 20:17:50
she refused to call me klaus bc she didnt like the name bro fuck u - link
𝔖𝔢𝔟𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔞𝔫 @BlowThemAwy 17, Sep - 20:17:50
“Oh— I’m sure they can.” Still, he would have loved to experience siblings. He was sad that Klaus had such a crappy childhood. Even if he didn’t know the half of it. He shifted his hand so their fingers could intertwine, gently biting his bottom lip. This was nice. - link
Dr Stephen O'Brien 💙 @anfieldbhoy 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@Derek12763827 What I’d give to share another dram with my dad Brendan Augustine O’Brien. Being a proud Irishman from the north it would be Black Bushmills. No ice but a touch of water to “open it up” #1608 https://t.co/P0CRcWUJXq - link
𝙿𝚒𝚒 ☂︎ @detailsodell 17, Sep - 20:17:50
disse Klaus #asktua - link
@blairolinas 17, Sep - 20:17:50
i mean klaus got absolutely nothing of being kind — not true he god killed! https://t.co/0O8sWLH1yv - link
Brendáin MacSíomáin @FitzoSligo 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@dlooney With the finishing ability of an Irishman these days, I wouldn't hold much hope... - link
chloe @lordeveia 17, Sep - 20:17:50
terminei a 3 temp de tvd e fiquei feliz q o klaus ta vivo e eu sabia q ela ia se tornar vampira uma hora - link
- R - ⚔️ @metallstray 17, Sep - 20:17:50
sim klaus - link
Conde Garchaldi @CondeGarchaldi 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@More79975173 Muy buena!!! La versión en castellano, venía cómo bonus en ese disco. Lástima qué Klaus Meine perdió prácticamente la voz, cosa que no ocurrió con unos cuántos cantantes de esa generación. - link
mally @mallythecabby 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@ArnoldOceng The warriors The life of Brian The wizard of oz pulp fiction jaws E.T close encounters the exorcist lethal weapon spartacus blazing saddles mash one flew over the cuckoo's nest arsenic and old lace and many many more - link
Arianna 🦇 @AwwArianna 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@FilmstoFilms_ Scott pilgrim vs the world - link
Klaus (ꪻꫝꫀ ᦓꫀꪖꪀᥴꫀ) @Klaus_Hargreev 17, Sep - 20:17:50
“But they can also be mean” Klaus found it cute that Seb was blushing, Klaus tended to come on strong sometimes, but the other didn’t pull back his hand so that was a start - link
ɢᴀʙɪ ɢᴀʟʟᴀɢʜᴇʀ 🦇||🇪🇪 @affectionaidan5 17, Sep - 20:17:50
disse Klaus depois de se drogar: #asktua - link
sσfια @sofiaaacabrera_ 17, Sep - 20:17:50
shippeo mucho a klaus y caroline - link
Black Mask @BlackMask5015 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@Wajeeho2 Dangal فلم هندي قصة حقيقية جميل جداً جداً 👍 - link
jhul @lokispoem 17, Sep - 20:17:50
Wait- I remembered.. I was watching marriage story earlier.. - link
BOLEYN @boleynmusic 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@likeliterallyno I had a lil crush on him until he posted on his story that he's not a supporter of same-sex marriage and it's pretty much just a CCP apologist - link
Wessy @westonvalkoun 17, Sep - 20:17:50
@boystobreed Is #1 Klaus Mikealson? - link
‍ ‍‍ ‍ ‍‍ 𝐓𝐇𝐑𝐄𝐄. @TOLDARUMOR 17, Sep - 20:17:50
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Mendiga?! Hum, bom. Acho que o único que pode ser considerado mendigos são meus irmãos Klaus é Diego. /Sorriu de forma falsa./ Se você pagou, eu não sei. . . ⠀⠀ - link

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AajTak @aajtak11, Mar - 17:56:04
चोट पर वोट, या वोट पर चोट? #MamataBanerjee #Video #Dangal http... - link
रोहित सरदाना @sardanarohit06, Mar - 11:28:36
100 दिन आंदोलन के...#FarmersProtest #Dangal #ATLivestream @sardanarohit https... - link
MisterChip (Alexis) @2010MisterChip06, Mar - 19:33:16
BAY 4-2 BVB (FT) - @ErlingHaaland es el CUARTO jugador que logra un doblete en los 10 primeros minut... - link
BFMTV @BFMTV11, Mar - 09:30:32
Klaus Kinzler, professeur à Sciences Po Grenoble: "J'ai été surpris que ma directrice me reproche... - link
DER SPIEGEL @derspiegel07, Mar - 06:42:08
Corona-Sorgen, Shutdown-Frust und der (nicht mehr) ewig nervende Trump: So sehen die Zeichner Thomas... - link
Atul Khatri @one_by_two09, Mar - 04:07:50
What Meghan told Oprah is basically the story of every Indian woman who has an Intercaste love marri... - link
CNEWS @CNEWS09, Mar - 09:06:26
Klaus Kinzler : «Là c’est une revanche pour moi. Je suis juste un citoyen, mais aussi un guerrie... - link
RAFTAAR @raftaarmusic07, Mar - 07:34:48
@kalamkaarhiphop Bhai dhaakad bando ko dangal pasand hai. 🥶 - link
tvn24 @tvn2407, Mar - 13:15:43
[Tekst PREMIUM] - PiS opiera swoją strategię na budowaniu obrazu wroga czyhającego na niepodległ... - link
Chitra Tripathi @chitraaum11, Mar - 12:42:31
ममता की चोट पर सियासत! #Dangal में देखिए चर्... - link
ZDF @ZDF10, Mar - 17:23:51
1/2 #Sturmtief Klaus kommt und bringt Böen bis 110 im Nordwesten, im Bergland auch 130 km/h. Vor ... - link
Netflixth @netflixth08, Mar - 13:49:24
@mschanakarn The Invisible Guest 🔪🔪 - link
Bundesliga English @Bundesliga_EN11, Mar - 06:14:05
2️⃣6️⃣8️⃣ - Klaus Fischer 2️⃣6️⃣7️⃣ - Robert Lewandowski @lewy_official is... - link
Amblin @amblin06, Mar - 18:19:30
Eddie Deezen, who brings ultimate Fab Four fan Ringo Klaus to life in the 1978 Robert Zemeckis-Bob G... - link
edgarwright @edgarwright11, Mar - 16:33:12
In addition to the upcoming special edition, you can also pre-order from @abkco a reissue of the Sco... - link
O POVO Online @opovoonline07, Mar - 20:05:45
Vina e Charles voltam aos treinamentos do Ceará nesta segunda-feira, 8; Klaus entra em período de ... - link
Crimes Reais @CrimesReais09, Mar - 15:39:19
Klaus Grabowski, 35 anos, foi acusado de assassinar Anna, 7 anos, em Lübeck, antiga cidade da Alema... - link
ZDF heute @ZDFheute10, Mar - 17:18:50
1/2 #Sturmtief Klaus kommt und bringt Böen bis 110 im Nordwesten, im Bergland auch 130 km/h. Vor ... - link
Hamburger SV @HSV11, Mar - 09:40:04
🎙 | 4⃣ Daniel #Thioune über Mittelfeldmann Klaus #Gjasula: "Klaus kann wieder eine Option sein... - link
Onedio @onediocom09, Mar - 10:13:29
Dangal Filmine Konu Olan Kadın Güreşçi Geeta Phogat ve Herkese İlham Olacak Hayatı https://t.c... - link

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