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9th of Mar was the most active day. More than 0.96 Thousand data points were recorded

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tøby @sfctoby 20, Oct - 19:55:17
RT @Priceless_Silva: @goal This rush to crown Mbappe-Haaland as the new Messi vs Ronaldo is so cringe and forced - link
Oscar Scheckler @TedScheckler5 20, Oct - 19:55:17
RT @MrT: The Church is God’s house where all are welcome to go. If a sinner can’t come to God’s house, then where can they go for salvation… - link
joey 🎃 @JD_Clevelander 20, Oct - 19:55:17
RT @theSNYDERVERSE: Kiersey being in the Flash basically confirms that Josstice League isn’t WB’s canon no matter how hard they try since s… - link
António Moreira @asergioam 20, Oct - 19:55:17
Acabei de ver: The Blacklist 5x11 "Abraham Stern" https://t.co/YNEkJeTsTq #trakt - link
March 21st @sethmakaveli 20, Oct - 19:55:17
RT @iam_queeninn: March Aries take the CROWN 🤗🤗🤗 - link
Tina Malone’s Turtle Neck @gwenevives 20, Oct - 19:55:17
This ones for all the teenage girls who were kept in their houses after it went dark by their parents but their brothers got to go out. Aw does it not feel good when someone tells you you shouldn’t be out past a certain time 😢 cry. - link
Evan McKenzie @fishandkangaroo 20, Oct - 19:55:17
RT @shrutiraoart: Gonna watch The Flash movie for the plot. The plot: https://t.co/O9AKB7EMV7 - link
A Cousland ⚡️💜 @sunshinehappier 20, Oct - 19:55:17
'There's a conscious effort this year, especially in the back half, to bring Barry+Iris not just together, not just stronger than ever, but to have the big bads of the 2 sides of the season actually be villains of them as a couple, not just of the Flash separately' - Eric Wallace - link
WritingLabTEC @TecWriting 20, Oct - 19:55:17
Call for papers! Become a Crown Hero with your virtual presentation at the IEEE DAPPS 2021 conference! Contact us for financial and technical support #TecdeMty #CampusMonterrey #CampusGuadalajara #SoyTec #WL #Innovation #WritingLab #Research #Education #Papers #Academia https://t.co/2IoNIQAi49 - link
amaiya @thatssoamaiya 20, Oct - 19:55:17
RT @coleworldneva: Hope all my girls w irregular periods have a good month🥺💙 - link
laura🦋 @exilewillows 20, Oct - 19:55:17
@its_tayce we love u and the judges have overlooked you too often!! werk it girl and go snatch that crown , ur a winner baby xxx - link
.∴*・.☆⊹₊˚ @cyberneticherub 20, Oct - 19:55:17
Tomando sorvete deitadona no colchão limpinho e vendo o que rola na série behind her eyes - link
EvanH ErikM. 🚜🏗🌳 @klaagblondy 20, Oct - 19:55:17
RT @TheToadours: The Very, Very Best of Princess Margaret | The Crown Princess Margaret was something else. I quite like her. She sure kn… - link
Virtual Fox @slim67jg 20, Oct - 19:55:17
RT @FunSoccerMilf: Walking around the park during soccer practice, maybe I should flash the dads my thong...I mean for #ThongThursday and a… - link
Makunyane Thabo @MakunyaneThabo 20, Oct - 19:55:17
@smokezBEASTLY The blacklist - link
Nathan @nateismfof 20, Oct - 19:55:17
@FanHendrick24 @A_B_Williams26 @Joegrafjr @ZGrills_ @phoenixraceway @NASCAR_Xfinity @buckedupsupps @SSGLR0717 @NASCAR Gotta pick up one a z grill on the flash sale too !! 😎😎😎 - link
Meshari @Gri7z 20, Oct - 19:55:17
The Walking Dead - S10 | E19 on TV Time واااااو وااااااااو واااااااااااااااااااو من اعظم الحلقات الي شفتها، مشهد مايز بتاريخ مسلسلات والله 🤯🤯 https://t.co/iFs44SP5ux https://t.co/t69iNRa2Sp - link
Kendorable▪️Ken-Vtuber🎀 @Kendorable__ 20, Oct - 19:55:17
Phantom's playing Telltale's The Walking Dead episode 3! Love this game!! - link
mori 💀 @devilmorie 20, Oct - 19:55:17
i like it when girls shaped like Mewtwo.... hahaha lol good morning - link
NCAA Women’s Basketball @ncaawbb 20, Oct - 19:55:17
A look at the AQ tracker as the @American_WBB will crown their conference tournament champion later tonight! #ncaaW https://t.co/ouWrElbiQC - link

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More than 435.73 Thousand data points recorded

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Monday is the most active day of the week having more than 178.68 Thousand

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Top Data Points
UEFA Champions League @ChampionsLeague10, Mar - 23:26:27
🔴🔵 Keylor Navas denied Barcelona on numerous occasions & saved a penalty from Leo Messi in... - link
Stephen Colbert @StephenAtHome09, Mar - 01:40:05
Maybe now CBS will finally let me sit down with Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and his wife, Mette-Ma... - link
Forbes @Forbes10, Mar - 18:14:41
In the fiscal year ending 3/31/20, the Crown Estate pulled in more than $700 million, with more than... - link
ABC News @ABC08, Mar - 04:49:21
[email protected] presses Defense Sec. Austin on the U.S. not sanctioning the Saudi crown prince despi... - link
CGTN @CGTNOfficial11, Mar - 23:42:52
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic @avucic on Thursday said the country will start producing China's... - link
The Times Of India @timesofindia11, Mar - 08:30:48
PM Narendra Modi had a telephone conversation with Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Kingdom of S... - link
Fortnite @FortniteGame08, Mar - 17:36:49
Finally, there’s a FLASH as Ant-Man fixes his suit and returns to normal size! Phew! The bees are ... - link
E! News @enews10, Mar - 20:14:41
Is Netflix's Behind Her Eyes Worth Six Hours of Your Time? Let's Debate https://t.co/wmqggPRjP6 - link
WIRED @WIRED09, Mar - 00:00:24
Flash Sale! Get access to all the stories on https://t.co/w8uI4ORkh2 plus the print & digital e... - link
+a @maisa08, Mar - 03:01:42
Eles disseram q viram the crown kkkkk me senti na obrigação de ver tb - link
The Guardian @guardian11, Mar - 18:35:38
The Good Girls by Sonia Faleiro review – the story of an 'ordinary killing' https://t.co/9avNkm33I... - link
tvOneNews @tvOneNews07, Mar - 01:15:07
- Legendaris Balap Nasional Mendunia - Riders of the Week : Muhammad Nicky Hayden Target Juara! - Fl... - link
NPR @NPR09, Mar - 18:50:08
Evacuations were ordered in Maui County, Hawaii, on Monday after flash flooding prompted concerns th... - link
NBC News @NBCNews10, Mar - 16:01:26
Hawaii’s governor declares an emergency after the state was battered by heavy rains; officials sa... - link
The nominations are in... It's time to decide who deserves the crown 👑 Who gets your vote for Fe... - link
Kompas.com @kompascom09, Mar - 22:48:08
Pembuat dan penulis The Crown mengatakan, pernikahan Pangeran Harry dan Meghan Markle tak bakal diki... - link
CBS News @CBSNews10, Mar - 01:02:24
MAUI FLASH FLOOD WATCH: Tonight, flash flood watches remain in effect across Hawaii as the north coa... - link
IGN @IGN08, Mar - 20:09:45
After some huge upsets in Round 1, Round 2 of Super Movie Madness starts now! https://t.co/dhmY08ObS... - link
Hindustan Times @htTweets06, Mar - 23:50:05
Heavy precipitation in the Chamoli region from February 4-6 and an overall rise in temperature in Ut... - link
Bloomberg @business11, Mar - 16:58:08
The UAE plans to invest $10 billion in the Israeli economy, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, ... - link

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